Centerpin Reel CNC Machined With 2BB for Ultra Smooth Operation & Durability

CNC Machined | Ultra-Smooth | Simple Design | 300 Yds. 15lb Mono

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At FMO, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible products at the best possible prices.  And because of this, we’ve change vendors for our 2018 Centerpin reels.  The new reels have a several superior advantages over last year’s reel and you won’t find a better, more functional, tighter machined, high quality reel at this price.  This is the perfect mate to our new Lunar Series 13′ Centerpin Rod.  You can lay this reel in the palm of your hand, spin the know and the spool will rotate nearly endlessly and with no drag or sound whatsoever.  It is machined to the tightest of standards, usually found on reels three or four times the price of this.  Appropriate for the beginner, novice, or expert.  For those who prefer a slight drag, this reel has a clicker that’s easily disengaged with the turn of a knob.  Most reels on the market today try to get by with a lesser quality, breakable plastic spool nob.  Not this reel…it features dual cnc machined knobs that are durable and balanced providing many, many years of service with proper care taken of them.  And finally, it features the use of two high quality Japanese ball bearings for added balance and smooth operation.

  • CNC machined to tighter tolerances from T1-6061 bar stock aluminum making them smoother, more stable, and operationally simple
  • The handle knobs are machined aluminum vs the plastic knobs which equates to greater durability
  • You can place this reel in the palm of your hand ,spin the spool and it will turn almost infinitely
  • 2BB and a roller bearing to provide smoother operation
  • Wider, 1″ spool width for greater line capacity….300 yards of main line 15lb test mono
  • Smooth click drag adjustment when necessary
  • Easily switched from right to left hand
  • 4.5″ OD, 3.25″ ID, 1″W
  • Includes a soft cloth reel bag
  • With every purchase, get a steelhead neck gaiter and a pack of Almost Eggs re-useable bait sacs in orange citrus or hot pink

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